Bowen Technique

Lucy Lanham Cert E.C.B.S - Is a qualified Bowen Therapist having trained with the European College of Bowen Studies.

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle hands-on therapy originating from Australia. It is performed through light clothing (or directly on the skin) with the client relaxed on the treatment bed. The practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to make a series of precise, rolling type moves over muscle. During the treatment there are a series of short breaks where the client is left resting to allow their body to respond to the gentle moves that have been performed. The rest period is an important part of the treatment and gives the body time to make the subtle and fine adjustments, which help to re-balance,relieve tension and reduce pain. These make the Bowen Technique unique. Practically any problem can potentially be addressed by Bowen. It is recommended that at least 3 sessions are undertaken at weekly intervals for the full effect of treatment, further ongoing maintenance treatments can then be beneficial.

Treatment time - 40-60 mins

Common presentations include back and neck pain/sciatica, sports injuries - chronic and acute, joint pain, hamstring strain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, respiratory problems, acute and chronic fatigue, P.M.T to name but a few.

To receive maximum benefit it is recommended that other physical benefits are not mixed with the Bowen Technique for example, reflexology, massage, physiotherapy 7 days before or following a Bowen treatment.

Price: 45 minutes £40.00